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Sport & Free Time

Sport & Free Time

There are several ways to enjoy Cagliari, along with art and culture. In your spare time you could practice a lot of different sporting activities, attend to events, enjoy experiences...something to suit every interests and budget. More details in the next pages.

Cagliari is a great place for outdoor sports – its city parks are ideal for low to high-intensity jogging and stretching amidst the greenery. With 300 days of fine weather per year, football or tennis can be played in sunshine in December too. Everyday at Poetto beach it's possible to see sailing boats, windsurf and canoes taking to the sea. On windy days, windsurfers and kite surfers show their skills, while the big waves entice the more adventurous wave surfers. The walking and cycling route alongside the beach is popular with runners, cyclists and skaters. The wooded hills and mountains just a few miles out of town offer biking, mountain bike and trekking routes, and near the city are several golf courses. Cagliari and its coastal resorts regularly host high-level sports events which always find a warm welcome and a splendid backdrop.

In Cagliari you can't get boring: for instance, the Opera House features lyrical and classical music, ballet, musicals all year long. At the Auditorium of the music Conservatory you can often catch a classic or modern music concerts.

At city's theatres, like the “Massimo” or Theatre of Saline, every week some plays are displayed to suit audience's liking, from drama to family shows.

During the year, several cultural events take place in town, as music, literature or dance festivals.

And, in addition, food and wine festivals hosted in main city squares since years.