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Where to sleep

Cagliari, a homely city

It's quite easy to find a place where to sleep in Cagliari.

The tourist visiting Cagliari has at his disposal several types of accommodation capable of meeting all sort of prices and requirements: hotels, residences, bed & breakfasts, apartments to rent, situated everywhere in the whole city territory, and along the town and the Lungomare Poetto.

From hostels to resorts, Cagliari for any budget

Cagliari offers accommodations of any price and type. Bed and breakfasts, from the most essential to the most economic and super comfortable, are concentrated in the areas of the town center, the seafront and the Castello area, as well as apartments for rent.

In the City Centre and on the Coast you can find a 4 or 5 star hotel or a resort. For ones who prefer to spend less, cheap accomodations are available at some selected B&B or at the Youth Hostel.